You guessed it, that’s me up there, Lauren Walter. Formerly Lauren Post, or how my closest friends and family refer to me, LoPo, LP, or as you now know me, Elle P of Elle P Florals!

You will most likely find me prancing around town in a floral print dress or answering the question “do you have any pets?” with “do plant babes count?” My apartment is lined with greenery galore and my Pinterest Board consists mainly of bouquets of flowers and, well, vases filled with flowers. Flowers are my absolute favorite thing and floral design is my obsession.

I have always been a crafter by hobby. There is a corner of my apartment filled with paint supplies, glue sticks, construction paper, blank canvas, you name it. When I started experimenting with crepe paper creating faux flowers it felt just a little different from my previous crafting. THIS WAS MY JAM and cue me diving all in. Welcome to the world Elle P Florals.

xoxo Lauren